EDGE Motion

Educate through games and emotions

EDGE Motion is the first online video game editor for university's education.

Our Story

Once upon a time, at Centrale Lyon School, three young students passionated by video games and web programming met. They liked what they were learning, but weren't satisfied by the way it was taught. Facebook reigned supreme on the classroom and neither PowerPoint nor e-learning supports could beat this champion out of the mind of the students. Our courageous young men swear this should be no more!

With their knowledge and will, our three protagonists enter the ring. Game design and emotion analysis are their weapons, the university is their playground, help by Liris - a laboratory of computer science in Lyon - they are now ready to overcome the challenge. And here they journey begins!

Meet our awesome team

We are three engineers from École Centrale de Lyon, specialized in web programming and emotion analysis.

François Guezengar


Aymeric Agre


Guillaume Ty



Video game based learning

By using game design elements we make it more fun, interactive and motivating for the student.

Emotion analysis

We use emotion analysis to assess soft skills, such as "team spirit". That way we complement the technical skills taught by the university.

Education research

All our games are tested and validated by reseachers to insure the best quality of learning.